No Win No Fee

Southern Gold Coast Lawyers conduct personal injury cases on a “No Win, No Fee” basis.

Upon assessing the circumstances surrounding your accident and establishing you have a claim against a negligent party, we are able to offer an agreement to you whereby our fee structure enables you to pursue a claim for compensation, in accordance with your rights to do so, without the burden of having to pay legal fees and ongoing outlays upfront.

This means we will fund all outlays involved with pursuing your claim including Medical Specialist Reports, Barristers Fess, Court Fees and Mediators Fees.

You will only pay our professional fees if we are successfull in settling your claim. If you are not successful you will not be required to pay and legal fees or outlays.

In order to act, we require prospective clients to enter into a Client Agreement. While we will discuss this further with you at our initial consultation, we confirm from the outset that our fees are calculated on the basis of work completed and not a percentage of what you are awarded for compensation. To further ensure fairness, upon settlement we have our file assessed for work completed by an independent assessor.

We ensure we are approachable when it comes to your queries and concerns regarding our professional fees in your matter.

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