• Specialising in all areas of personal injury law

  • Work Place Accidents

    There are many types of physical and mental injuries and illnesses caused by a negligent employer... read more

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Persons injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation if... read more

  • Personal Injuries

    SGCL specialise in claims arising in Queensland from injuries sustained not more than 3 years ago... read more

  • Drink Driving

    If you are charged with a drink driving offence, there are a number of variables which must be considered... read more

  • Work Licenses

    Do you need your licence for work? These applications can be tricky and guidance is always recommended... read more

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Southern Gold Coast Lawyers is a plaintiff litigation law firm specializing in assisting workers and individuals who have been injured or killed in Work Accidents or  individuals injured or killed in Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Southern Gold Coast Lawyers will arrange a FREE no-obligation initial consultation with you to provide legal advice specific to your claim, either in our office or, as a service to all new clients, a representative of our office will attend at your home, whichever is most suitable to you. This service is available 24/7 by calling 1300 369 597.

Southern Gold Coast Lawyers will NOT charge you for an initial consultation to discuss your compensation claim if the matter does not proceed. 


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